Do the wrong thing for the right reason.

She will kill me

She will kill me

"For the record I advised against trusting you here.
        Prove me wrong.”


Man of my dreams.This man of mine may kill me.

I need to apologize.

#the thing about this scene is that i wasn’t sure at first#whether this was manipulation or a human moment#and then at the end when she was watching the news with her husband#he said: ‘i just feel sorry for the parents’#and she didn’t move a muscle#but i was immediately 10x as interested#bc sure it was manipulation#but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t also honest#which is maybe more brutal and maybe harder to stomach#that you use the thing that makes you human to cover up the thing that makes you harder#so i am definitely here for this show in all its well acted but also trashy nighttime soap awesomeness#and i’m super interested to see where they take this character#the humanity and the hardness#i want them both

- How did you not lose hope?
- I did lose hope… but I’d get it back. Developed rituals in order to hang onto it.