The Time Of My Life: The Doctor and Donna Noble’s last comic adventure, published in Doctor Who Magazine #399 [right-click and open in new tab/window to see the full-size pages! courtesy of sharpest_rose]


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#doctor who #donna noble #tenth doctor #doctor x donna #the bestest bffs in all of time and space #i finally went and hunted down the full comic and oh. my. god. my fucking tear ducts. #that last page is bad enough - reading it makes me cry tbh #but this entire story is PERFECT and so beautiful and so heartbreaking and so THEM #i love how donna teases the doctor and how he teases her back. how they just have FUN on all these adventures we didn't get to see. #i love how she thanks him for taking her to a beatles gig. and then she remembers about the pre-recorded message. #and she leaves him one. just one. to let him know she had the time of her life and she wouldn't have traded it for anything. #all the tiny details in this omg. like how he told her he wouldn't let her die. an offhand remark perhaps but so so important. #because when the time came - in journey's end - he kept that promise he made her so long ago. he didn't let her die. he saved her. #he promised she wouldn't die. HE PROMISED HER. and he kept his promise. even if it was killing him inside. #the writing for this comic is fantastic. i love how the last line of each page leads into the first line of the next. #oh and the JOKES. like 'donna' kebab and donna sassing about being ginger and just EVERYTHING. #seriously i sat here crying to myself on the couch after reading this #this fictional friendship gives me so many damn feelings omg #i'm going to be over there in the corner crying tears of blood. mourning this friendship and character until the end of time. #donna noble stan for life

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