Why Doctor Oswald you are hilarious.

You move the TARDIS, like Addams Family.

Come on! Why can’t you say it?

Your last painting was so good, it saved the world. I can’t wait to see what you do next. It’s not going to be easy. I’ve got a hairband to live up to.

"One of the difficulties with her ‘impossible girl’ story was that she wasn’t actually a participant in it, because she didn’t actually know about the mystery … Certainly she came to life immediately as a character and as a performance with Peter [Capaldi]’s Doctor … suddenly there was a different chemistry. Peter and Jenna absolutely belong together in Doctor Who. To be absolutely honest, there’s also the problem of … you look at Matt Smith in a bow tie and you’re looking for Karen Gillan. You just are. So it was tough for Jenna. Do you remember back in the day … Sarah Jane Smith seemed like a rather dull replacement for Jo Grant, til Tom Baker’s Doctor came along? Sarah Jane was quite boring for that first year, then Tom Baker came along and – fazoom – she was brilliant. Clara has her own Doctor now, and she becomes the main character – which of course the companion always should be, really…"

Steven Moffat addressing the criticisms of Clara Oswald (x)

"Sarah Jane was quite boring for that first year." 

I just.

Someone sew this man’s mouth shut before I knock his teeth out.

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You got to promise me you're going to take care of her