The cast of Les Misérables Broadway on GMA 

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you need to listen to this ok

No, no, you know what it so heartbreaking of his rendition of Empty Chairs? Eddie Redmayne’s Marius is broken, Fra’s Marius is looking for an answer. When Alistair sings it he is angry why did MY friends had to die.

When Rob sings it, he is all of that.  

#i feel like this marius survives #some of them feel irreparably shattered and immovable #but i believe that rob’s marius will survive #i can see him #middle aged #and angry so angry #the moment the barricades arise in 1848 #i can see him picking up a cane sword and a rifle #telling cosette to hold their son and daughter back #and he tears into the streets #in honor of his friends who would have done the same #if not for 1832

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The Confrontation - GantVert VS KoekValjean 


Continuing my mission of spreading the Javert love, here is another taster of the wonderful new London Javert u/s James Gant heard here up against Dan Koek’s Valjean…

This is a wonderful Javert!

(Matinee, Weds 18th Sept 2013)

INTERVIEWER: Colm, was [“Bring Him Home”] written with you in mind?
COLM: It was written for me, yeah. Claude-Michel Schönberg wrote it, and he, uh, he keeps telling me every time I meet him, “(imitating French accent) Never forget I write that song for you!”

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Suddenly/Bring Him Home - John Owen-Jones | A Night at the Musicals (with Bryn Terfel and Maria Friedman)

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Film Meme : (3/4) Genres - Musical

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I’ll escape now from that world, from the world of Jean Valjean.

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death by flail

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