les mis movie memetwo quotes: [2/2]

The physician felt his pulse. “Ah! It was you he needed!” murmured he, looking at Cosette and Marius. And, bending towards Marius’s ear he added very low, “Too late.” Almost without ceasing to gaze on Cosette, Jean Valjean turned on Marius and the physician with a look of serenity. They heard these almost inaudible words come from his lips:

"It is nothing to die; it is horrible not to live."

To love another person is to see the face of God.

Track Title: Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

Artist: Rob Houchen

Album: 21st June 2013




you need to listen to this ok

No, no, you know what it so heartbreaking of his rendition of Empty Chairs? Eddie Redmayne’s Marius is broken, Fra’s Marius is looking for an answer. When Alistair sings it he is angry why did MY friends had to die.

When Rob sings it, he is all of that.  

#i feel like this marius survives #some of them feel irreparably shattered and immovable #but i believe that rob’s marius will survive #i can see him #middle aged #and angry so angry #the moment the barricades arise in 1848 #i can see him picking up a cane sword and a rifle #telling cosette to hold their son and daughter back #and he tears into the streets #in honor of his friends who would have done the same #if not for 1832


the blood of the martyrs will water the meadows of France

Track Title: Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

Artist: Fra Fee, Alistair Brammer, Jonny Purchase, Hadley Fraser

Album: Les Miserables


As many of you know there are quite a lot of west end people in the Les Mis movie, and a good handful of them have played Marius. So I decided to mix up an audio with the lads who played the part.
Here is Empty Chairs at Empty Tables sung by Hadley Fraser (Army Officer) , Jonny Purchase (Student), Alistair Brammer (Jean Prouvaire) and Fra Fee (Courfeyrac)..
The order of their appearance is; Hadley Fraser, Jonny Purchase, Alistair Brammer, Fra Fee, Jonny Purchase, Hadley Fraser.
I tried to balance out the audio volume levels, the amount they sing, and the transitions as smooth as possible despite the fact that this is made of bootleg audios.
I wanted to include Andy Coxon and Matthew Seadon Young who have also played the role, but due to poor quality of Andy’s audio and that I don’t have one of Matthew they were excluded.
Okay so… here ya go. 4 wonderful lads singing a wonderful song.