I’d rely on Martha if the world was ending. In fact, I did.

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Doctor Who AU dark musical comedy in which several companions conspire to kill various versions of the Time Lord who wronged them

And now the six merry murderesses of the Stormcage Containment Facility in their rendition of The Cell Block Tango…

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I’ve only just met him.
It wasn’t even that long ago, but… he is everything.
He’s just everything to me,
and he doesn’t even look at me but I don’t care, cos I love him to bits, and I hope to God he won’t remember me saying this.

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"There’s nothing ‘only’ about being a girl." —Sarah Jane Smith






notice how Russell T Davies saw his companions as women

and Moffat saw his companions as girls

I think that says a lot

Not to mention that the Doctor named Amy/Clara whereas Rose/Martha/Donna earned their titles.  It’s a subtle distinction because, technically, Amy “earned” her title by being a girl who did wait, but it’s the impact of these monikers that’s troubling.  Rose became the Bad Wolf when she ended the Time War, Martha became the woman who walked the Earth after saving the planet, and Donna was the most important woman in the universe because she saved it.  Both Amelia and Clara have been heroic and saved people, but their titles don’t reflect that.  Their titles reflect who they are to the Doctor—not who they are as individuals.

Very good point! They lose their autonomy when the Doctor becomes the decided factor in their titles, instead of going out and earning them for themselves. 

I’d like to talk about Rose for a second, because when she became the Bad Wolf, she not only destroyed the entire newly risen dalek army, but she scared the doctor. He cowered before her. And even when she lost the connection to the heart of the tardis, she was marked. The werewolf could sense that she was different and powerful, and she threatened alien with the story of her defeat of the dalek emperor and they thought twice before fucking with her. Because of HER, not because she was with the doctor. 

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death by flail

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