And the boy was a boy for all seasons
That boy is long-lost to me now
And the man has forgotten his reasons
But the man still remembers his vow

Now I see you, understand? I see you. You’re a smart, strong, black woman.

Hugs Can Be Deceiving (2x03)

take this chance
'cause it may be our last to be free
to let go of the past and to try
to be husband and wife
to let love never die
or to just live our life

There will be light.

What happens if the medicine wasn’t really in control?

Judy McLane as Donna Sheridan in the Broadway production of Mamma Mia!

The Good Wife 5x17: A Material World [x]

- Florrick/Agos solicited me.
- Yes, I know, and I just talked to Cary. He won’t take you either. They liked Will. They don’t like you.