Captain Ray Holt and Puppies in 1x12

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You can trust me. Dogs are my whole life. Also work. Doing work and hanging with dogs. That’s my lifestyle.

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FRASIER REWATCH: Fortysomething (1x20)

FRASIER REWATCH: Space Quest (1x02)

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Omg for real though

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Danny: We’re making changes around the office.
Morgan: Changes, shmanges! Like what?
Danny: Like this little fleabag here, for patient therapy.

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Cary Grant with his dogs, late 1930s


Cary Grant with his dogs, late 1930s

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Tina Fey on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon showing a clip of her daughter Penelope playing with their new dog Teddy - 2/28/13

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Ewan McGregor impersonating dogs on The Graham Norton Show (x)

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death by flail

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