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Interviewer: What are the first things that you guys noticed about each other when you first started working together?

Lucy: I didn’t know that Jonny had the eyes that he does. I mean, they’re pretty stunning, I have to say. You could fall into them. They’re beautiful



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But look what you did!

it hurts me # because usually by this point in a companions arc # aka at the end of their season # they believe in themselves # theyve traveled with the doctor and theyve done and seen such amazing things # and in doing so they realize their own potential # their own skills # but donna # despite everything shes done # saved a family in pompeii # freed the ood # solved murders with agatha goddamn christie # saved the doctor from himself #despite ALL OF THAT # she still thinks shes nothing special # because her entire life thats what shes been told # she has never been able to see just what a remarkable person she truly is # and the doctor is so surprised here # because he can see it # clear as day # hes seen it for a long time # and what kills me about donnas ending # isnt just that she loses her memories # she loses him too # her best friend in the universe # the one who listened #even when she wasnt shouting  (via yaccbs)

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#i’d choose you toby who needs josh’s cute boyish thing when you could have dark brooding sexy toby ziegler you adorable awkward speechwriter, you

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Joan Watson in “We Are Everyone”


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Those tags.

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Favourite BTVS Speeches:
↳ Rupert Giles, Innocence.

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Emma Thompson being attacked by a fox [x]


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death by flail

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